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MCM Construction has established a leadership role in building more than 1000 critical structures throughout the West. For 40 years we’ve met the challenge of providing the nation’s highways with quality bridges, cutting edge overpasses and interconnectors with award winning results. This success is the result of our team’s commitment to critical relationships with agencies, partners, designers, and subcontractors.

Careers at MCM

With an established accident prevention program and ongoing training of management, supervisors and employees to maintain safe work conditions and safe practices, MCM Construction places safety as a priority in the day-to-day work environment.

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Recent News & Press Releases

Sacramento and Bloomington, CA based, MCM Construction, Inc., regrets to announce the death of one of its founders, James Allen “Jim” Carter. Jim died on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

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Current Projects

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  • Old 44 Drive Bridge Replacement Project

    Replace the structurally deficient bridge on Old 44 Drive that crosses Oak Run Creek. The existing bridge was constructed in 1943 and has a damaged superstructure. The new bridge will meet current safety standards.
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  • 5th Street Bridge Replacement Project

    The original 5th Street bridge was built in 1958 and is now considered functionally obsolete. The new bridge will meet current safety standards and improve traffic by adding two additional lanes.
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  • Downtown Bridges, Roseville

    Construct two new pedestrian bridges connecting Royer Park to the downtown library and Vernon Street Town Square and rehabilitation of Icehouse pedestrian bridge as part of the project to expand the trail into Royer Park. This expansion will result i...
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  • McKenzie Road

    The original McKenzie Road timber bridge has been deemed structurally deficient. It will be replaced with a wider bridge to meet current design and safety standards.
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  • Walerga Rd Over Dry Creek Bridge Replacement

    Replace an existing bridge on Walerga Road over Dry Creek that is a narrow two-lane bridge subject to flooding with a new four lane bridge with shoulders for bike lanes and pedestrians. The new bridge will meet current standards and will be elevated ...
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  • Clark Ave/Hwy 101 Bicycle-Pedestrian OC Project

    Building of a pedestrian/bicycle overcrossing that will help connect the residential Woodland community and those on the southwest side of Highway 101 to the rest of East Palo Alto on the northeastern side of Highway 101.
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  • Hwy 99 Realignment Project

    Replacement of Ashlan Ave Overhead, Clinton Ave Overcrossing, and Fresno Yard Overhead as part of the Hwy 99 realignment project which will realign Hwy 99 to make room for the high speed rail. The new bridges are reconstructed to accommodate the heig...
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  • High Speed Rail Project CP4, Wasco

    Construction of seven bridges near Wasco, CA that will serve as crossings for the high speed rail. The bridges include rail bridge over Garces Highway, Pond Road, Peterson Road, and Kimberlina Road and vehicular bridges over future high speed train t...
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  • Route 269, Huron

    Three bridges built as part of a project to elevate Highway 269 fifteen feet higher than it\\\'s current position. The stretch of Highway 269 between Highway 198 and the town of Huron is susceptible to flooding every winter; the new elevation will al...
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  • Port of Stockton

    Caltrans determined that the original Navy Drive bridge did not meet current safety and design standards. The steel truss only had 14.2 feet of vertical clearance which prevented many trucks from utilizing Navy Drive and was only a two lane bridge wi...
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  • Schuyler Heim Bridge

    The original Schuyler Heim Bridge was built in 1948 and has a lift span to allow for ship passage. The new bridge will meet higher seismic standards making it safer and will have a 47 foot vertical clearance to allow ships to pass through without del...
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  • Campus Parkway, Segment 2, Merced

    Construct two each roadway overpasses over the BNSF Railway tracks and Highway 140 as part of Segment 2 of the new Campus Parkway Expressway connecting from CA-99 at Mission Ave to Yosemite Ave leading to the Merced campus of the University Of Califo...
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  • I-5/Mathews Rd UC, French Camp

    Improvements to Mathews Road undercrossing to meet standard truck load capacity standards.
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  • Route 99/Stanislaus River Bridge

    Replace arch portions of the Stanislaus River Bridge that were originally built in 1903 and widened in 1933 & 1967. The existing structure poses structural integrity concerns.
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  • I-405 Improvement Project

    Fourteen structures and one pedestrian overcrossing as part of the I-405 improvement project to add lanes including an express lane to help recude traffic and enhance safety.
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